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  “6 Days in the Race” – Tour

February 6th – 12th, 2015!

Be at the start and checkpoints, on snowy roads and in wintery Dawson City, among mushers, huskies, handlers and officials, as part of the most epic event in our True North.

Our last winter’s popular Yukon Quest Tour is back in an extended and upgraded fashion. We added 2 full days and all hotel accommodations.

You will now be part of the race start in Whitehorse, follow the  teams on the trail, mingle with mushers and their dogs at checkpoints and, after a most scenic drive through the heartland of our frozen Yukon, you will experience Dawson City in the winter. You will talk with mushers, get to know the dogs, see the vets and officials at their work and experience this epic race at its roots, taking home invaluable impressions and memories.

New and included in tour price:                                       Team starting at a Yukon Quest International Dog Sled Race

Your personal 6 days of winter adventures. This is how we will take you there!

Day 1    “A wild Start”

7. February 2015

Everybody arrived yesterday and had a good nights sleep in our Whitehorse hotel.

Today, well before the race starts we will be at the staging area. We are watching  the last preparations for this world famous race. Hundreds of huskies, barking, jumping, or just watching. Over 2o mushers, some calm and quiet, some nervous and loud, all hopeful and anxious. Soon the dogs get harnessed, then hooked up to the sleds. A last taxing look at its load, then it is time to move up to the starting line.

We, now, need to find a good place beyond the chute.

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At 12:00pm the first team is out of the chute, racing towards Alaska and the so far finish line, with the musher stoically on his brakes, to control his hysterically wild huskies and the sled he is standing on. In a flash of snow and ice is he passed us and we feel the excitement and eagerness of man and beast to be at the one thing they are best at: running.

Minutes later the next team. Howling dogs, men bracing to hold back the sled, a last check up and the signal! He is loose, too. Another white cloud of wild dogs and a thickly bundled up musher. The crowd goes crazy. Until the last team is on its way through wind and wilderness.

We now drive to a location way down the trail where we can see the teams reappear. One by one, mildly settled and focused they cruise over the frozen Takhini River, a rhythm of knowledge has calmed the dogs and sets a constant pace.

A long distance ahead of them, with whatever comes their way. Their race has begun.

For us it is time to head to the nearby Takini Hot Springs, where we spend a couple of hours relaxing in the natural spring waters, before driving back to our hotel in Whitehorse.

Possible Upgrades: (not included in package price)

In the afternoon either an informative City Tour or and exciting visit to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve can be booked. At 10.00pm a chance opens to go our for night of Aurora Hunting. At an out of town viewing site we are far away from all city light pollution. A heated wall tent with hot drinks and snacks help us pass the time until nature’s greatest display will dance for us. Camera gear and good warm clothing recommended.

Day 2    “Our First Check Point”

8. February 2015

After a good northern breakfast we are off towards the North checking out the first official race check point.

One hour driving will bring us to Braeburn Lake, the first race check point accessible from the road. According to race history some teams may have dropped in last night. Most are expected during today’s hours of light.

Braeburn Lodge, famous for its gigantic “Cinnamon Buns“, is also an official Vet Check Point. Volunteer veterinarians are on site to inspect teams and their conditions. This also opens up an early chance for any questions or issues a musher has in regards to his teammates.

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The Yukon Quest strongly acts with a high moral compass in regards to animal care and welfare.

A mandatory layover for each team can be taken either here in Braeburn or later in Carmacks, so we have a good chance to see mushers stop and stay, taking care of the dogs and maybe coming in to the the restaurant to answer a few of our questions. In the afternoon we will also check out Carmacks, the next check point an hour down the highway. Whoever chose this place for its layover will have bedded his dogs down on straw behind the community building to rest and sleep. Our own way leads us back to Whitehorse and the hotel.

Aurora Upgrade: (not included in package price)

At 10.00pm we can go out Aurora Hunting again. Another night under Northern Skies that hopefully will ignite with the amazing Northern Lights.

Day 3    “North to Dawson City”

9. February 2015

Today we are off  to the famous “City of Gold” in Yukon’s North.

After an early start we can briefly stop at the already known check points before we arrive in Pelly Crossing, another important check point for mushers and dogs. Roughly 250km of race trail lies behind each team. The first knots have been sorted out, the first handicaps discovered. Mostly all the teams are running on a well trained schedule of certain hours off and on the trail. This practiced rhythm either works or has to be amended. Mushers are making their first assessments.

All day will find us driving through an incredible winter scenery, changed by snow and ice  into a princess winter wonderland.

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By now the musher and his team are well into the race. Dogs can only be taken out of the race at specific check points and no other dogs can be accepted into the team. By now the first drops have been made and dog teams become smaller.

Eventually we roll onto the front street of historic Dawson City, once Yukon’s capital. At the heydays of the famous Klondike Gold Rush over 40.000 people lived here. Today’s population of 1.300 men and women has created a lively, tightly knit little community. Crumbling houses and renovated buildings alike line the unpaved streets with wooden boardwalks and false fronts just as if it was a 100 years ago.

Our hotel features a rustic theme lounge with the possibility to become a member of the so famous “Sourtoe Club“. Only if you do NOT swallow the human toe (mixed in a cocktail of any kind) you will become a certified Sourtoe Member!!!

Our first night in Dawson City.

Day 4-5    “City of Gold –  Half Way Point”

10./11. February 2015

All teams have to stay in Dawson City for their mandatory 24 hour layover. And we will spend two days here with them.

We will be at the check point entry, greeting new teams coming in, or on the local campground where the teams are laid out. Mushers are resting and handlers are taking over, the later very often so open to our questions and the urge to pet one ore more of these admirable furry athletes.

Two days of being with the mushers on a very private base, asking all question we ever had and getting to know the depth of an epic race across the frozen North.

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Additional Activities: (included in package price)

  • Drive up to the Dome with its unparalleled view of the town beside its frozen brother the Yukon River.
  • Visit of thee nearby Gold Fields where at Rabbit Creek it all began and where the last big Dredge is still remains.

Day 6    “Return from the Race”

12. February 2015

Today we have to take leave from all mushers and dogs. Our road leads back to Whitehorse.

Again we are driving through an enchanted winter landscape, frosted with white fangs glittering in the pale winter sun, we reminiscence of our past hours in Dawson City

A scene of it’s own beauty escorts us south to the Capital, through close to 600 km of purest wilderness.

We wonder how our mushers and their dogs are faring on their cold and lonely quest to fame and fortune.

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Aurora Upgrade: (not included in package price)

Whoever had booked beforehand will have the chance to see the haunting displays of the Aurora tonight.

A final night in our hotel will let us dream of all impressions of the last days.


Tour Details


  • CAD$ 1.800,-  +5% GST per person
  •  based on double occupancy
  • single room supplements
  • minimum: 4 people


  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • Visit to Takhini Hot Springs
  • City Tour in Whitehorse
  • City Tour in Dawson City
  • 4 hotel nights in Whitehorse
  • 3 hotel nights in Dawson City
  • 6 days interpretive race tour
  • hot drinks and snacks on driving days


  • meals and beverages
  • arctic winter clothing
    (ask for rental quote)
  • Upgrade Tours


February 6th, 2015

  • Arrival & Airport transfer to downtown
  • Hotel in Whitehorse
         pot. Wildlife Preserve Tour
         pot. Helicopter Sightseeing
         pot. Aurora Viewing

February 7th, 2015

  • Start of the Yukon Quest Race
  • Drive to Takhini Bridge/Check on teams
  • Visit to Takhini Hot Springs
  • Hotel in Whitehorse
         pot. Aurora Viewing

February 8th, 2015

  • Drive to Checkpoint Braeburn
  • Drive to Checkpoint Carmacks
  • Hotel in Whitehorse
         pot. Aurora Viewing

February 9th, 2015

  • Drive to Dawson City
  • Checkpoint Pelly Crossing on the way
  • Hotel in Dawson City

February 10th & 11th, 2015

  • Stay in Dawson City
  • Check on mushers and teams during their layover
  • Hotel in Dawson City
         pot.  Trips to Gold Fields and Midnight Dome

February 12th, 2015

  • Drive back to Whitehorse
  • Hotel in Whitehorse
         pot.  Aurora Viewing

February 13th, 2015

  • Airport transfer and departure

Yukon Wildlife Preserve
$65.00 per person + 5% GST

Aurora Viewing
$125.00 per person + 5% GST

Helicopter Flight
from $300.00 + 5% GST

Why would you want to book this tour with us?

We assume you have not been coming  to the Yukon to experience something like the Yukon Quest for the last past year. So you have not been trying out different tour operators to find the right one for you.

We offer to make that decision easy – and satisfactory:

Since we chose to live up here in the True North, one of the last frontiers, by immigrating over 20 years ago, we immersed ourselves into this land with every fiber, loving the culture , the history,  the wide open spaces, the people and the endless pristine nature with all our hearts.

We lived a traditional lifestyle, trapped, hunted, canoed and hiked, chop our own wood, bring in our own water, raised horses and dogs ourselves. We respect our wildlife and continue to protect the land.Yuokon Quest Expediting

As a dedicated supporter and sponsor of the Yukon Quest we feel a strong bond not only with the mushing community, but with sled dog race organizations such as the Yukon Quest.
We also have been in the tourism industry since 1993, servicing an endless number of visitors to see and feel and hopefully love this  place just as we do.

We think this makes us prime ambassadors for this amazing place.
And here we offer to you a memory that resonates with unparalleled vibrancy:

A Norther Winter Experience that showcases in a  most Epic Athletic Event
the amazing symbiosis of men &  dogs in the North.

Let us drive your adventure!

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