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Kluane Log Cabin

Kluane Log Cabin

Right at the feet of the famous Kluane National Park, this cozy log cabin is nestled between spruce trees and cottonwoods. A short walk from the Alaska-bound Haines Highway you will find ample space around the cabin and endless wilderness right behind it. Forested trails and grassy meadows, not only invite moose, coyotes, bears, and other native inhabitants but will lead you into some amazing, untouched northern backcountry.

Deep blue Kathleen Lake, the high country of St. Elias Mountain Range, and the remote valleys of the Cottonwood Pass are only minutes away.

The open concept cabin sleeps 4 people, on one fold-out couch and a double bunk-bed. In the main area, you find a table and chairs, a woodstove, and lots of shelves.

Windows along two full sides provide for a fantastic view of the backcountry, and “King’s Throne” summit can be seen from the kitchen window or front porch.

The kitchen area is separated by a counter. It comes with all the kitchen equipment such as pots and pans, cutlery, water containers, and dishes as well as a 2-burner propane stove. For lighting, you have portable battery-driven LED lanterns, two oil lamps, and several flashlights.

The outhouse, your bathroom facility, is only meters away.

In the summer a dug-out earth cooler keeps your perishables and drinks in top shape, however, in the winter you might only bring a cooler to place outside at night.
Behind the cabin, a campfire set up with seats and benches allows for memorable evenings outside.

We have split and stacked plenty of wood for the inside woodstove and you find round logs for the fire pit outside. Ax and maul are available to split these for a bonfire.

CAD$ 700.00 + 5 % GST for 1-2 people per week.
CAD$ 800.00 + 5 % GST for 3-4 people per week.
CAD$ 125.00 + 5 % GST daily rate.
Cabin rental, firewood, propane, complete kitchen facility, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases and sleeping bags/duvet, literature, and games.
(Ask for a satellite phone if you wish to rent one for safety reasons.)
You need to bring all your food and drinks, while everything else to cook inside or bbq on the open fire is there. Binoculars are recommended as well as a bear spray if you intend to venture into the wild (means every step you take outside the cabin). Good hiking boots and rain gear, maps, and safety kit.

During the Summer months, we would recommend bringing insect repellent for there are enough mosquitos for everybody.

In the winter it is wise to bring a headlamp and warm slippers for the cabin.

  • From Whitehorse, you start out on the Alaska Highway West, towards Haines Junction/Kluane National Park.
  • After a few kilometers, you see the turn-off to Dawson City (North Klondike Highway), however, you stay on the Alaska Highway.
  • About 2 hours later and a total of 160 kilometers you reach Haines Junction, a picturesque town with limited shopping facilities. It sports a post office, several restaurants and take-outs, gas stations and a nursing station as well as a police station.
  • You drive straight through town and over a bridge (crossing the Dezadeash River). You are now on the Haines Road towards Haines/Alaska. DO NOT turn right in the middle of town.
  • Another 23 kilometers and you cross Kathleen River, then pass Kathleen Lake Lodge on the left, and shortly afterward the turn off to Kathleen Lake Campground on your right.
  • Stay on the highway.
  • 2 more kilometers and you will see the green kilometer highway sign on your left reading kilometer 218, this is where the driveway to your cabin starts
  • turn left into the driveway, 200 meters later you arrived.
With the cabin at the foothills of the world-heritage site Kluane National Park, countless trails and paddle options invite the nature enthusiast to short, medium, or multi-day excursions. Only a few kilometers to the South, Haines Pass with its wide-open plateaus, roaming grizzly bears, and soaring eagles invite to an adventurous highly scenic road trip. Further down the highway, Haines in Alaska, a quaint little harbour community, with ocean shores and bays placed below eternal glaciers allows for sea kayaking, salmon fishing, and tidal hikes.

The close-by Tatshenshini River has world-class rafting to offer, from an adventurous afternoon to 12-day trips all across the park and into Dry Bay.

Haines Junction presents itself with all amenities, such as bakery, gas stations, post office, bank, stores, and restaurants. Here you also find the newly built Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre, adjacent to the Native Culture Centre. Hiking and fishing licenses, information about trails, and endless stories and data about the area’s history, flora, and wildlife are presented in interactive digital presentations that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

You have chosen to stay at a remote wilderness cabin, to enjoy solitude and quietness. With nobody around or living close-by.
Due to this situation, we rely on our guests to tidy and clean up before they leave,  so the next guests can enjoy the cabin at its best.
Please help us and sweep the floor, wash your dishes, clean the cookstove and brush out the entrance carpet with the stiff blue broom.
Thank You so much!

There is no power and no running water, however, we are glad to note that there is fairly well cell phone reception. If you have trouble step outside the cabin or as a last effort walk up to the highway and you should be getting 1-2 bars.


  • Bring a bear spray, it can and has saved lives. Do not trust and use it if you find a spray at the cabin it can be old and won’t work properly.
  • Mosquitos are quite abundant, especially in June, come with good insect repellent.
  • Outside fires are possible, but keep it small and stay with it, please refrain from open fires when it is windy.


  • It can be cold, so bring warm clothes, and very warm slippers, don’t forget the headlamps.
  • Your vehicle should start at very low temperatures as there is no way to plug it in. It should also be able to handle 3-5 inches of snow on a slopy driveway (200m)
  • After a recent snowfall, you might have to trample the short path from the car to the cabin (15m) or from the cabin to the outhouse (20m) down. Snowshoes are recommended.
  • At severe cold temperatures, we reserve the right to not rent and also to cancel arrangements already made.

Special COVID regulations

During Pandemic times:

  • we do not meet with our guests prior to their going out so you will self-register with the key being in the outhouse; (You find it inside the outhouse in a shelve-box at eye level fixed to the back wall above the hole. Please return to the same place after you looked cabin at departure);
  • we need you to bring your own water, 25-liter containers will fit perfectly into the slot it needs to go on the kitchen counter;
  • we will sanitize the cabin prior to your arrival and leave a minimum of 1 day between rentals.
  • you will have to bring all bedding such as bedsheets, sleeping bags, blankets, shams, and kitchen towels and dishrags.


This is the day of your first night. You may arrive at 12:00 noon.
This is the day after your last night. You need to vacate cabin before 12:00 noon.
Anything we - or you - need to know!

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