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Takhini Hot Springs

Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

Healthy mineral waters in the Yukon

You book – We drive – You relax

  • Years in the making this upscale, completely rebuild and enlarged retreat will feature multiple soaking pools filled with natural mineral waters kept at different temperatures.
  • Steam and dry saunas – one with locally harvested scents such as spruce, pine and sage –  hot and cool pools will either invigorate or relax your body.
  • The sun-flooded chill-out room or the dimmed light relax room with heated tiled lounge chairs will get you dreaming for more days here …
  • Modern elegant change rooms, lockers and shower facilities combine superior hygiene with comfort and beauty.
  • The quaint bistro offers homemade baked goods, locally brewed beers and Italian sodas, charcuterie and fine cheese from a local distributor.
  • Only half an hour from downtown and already in the wilds of the Yukon.
  • Choose from many different rates and time slots:

Please note:

Due to the many different rates at the facility we resorted to only offering transportation. You choose and book your time slot at the Hot Springs and then let us know when you need your shuttle to it. We need about 45 minutes from a downtown location out to the hot Springs and will pick you up accordingly.
After your time at the hots springs, we will transport you back to town.

Nordic Hot Springs Ritual

 The Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs Ritual combines the well-known Nordic Cycle (repeating the hot/cold/relax cycle, also known as “thermotherapy” or “contrast temperature therapy“) with the benefits of a Japanese Onsen style “soak” in mineral hot spring waters. The sense of vitality and well-being generated by the hot/cold/relax therapy cycle is enhanced by the volcanically heated, mineral-rich water of the hot spring pools, which are known to diminish muscle pain and positively affect a score of common health complaints. The result is a fusion made in heaven – designed to promote a unique state of restful, peaceful relaxation and invigoration.


Transportation Logistics

Transportation:      Can$ 170.00 + 5% GST  for   1-7 people

Pick Up:                  downtown Whitehorse
(for out-of-town pick ups please ask for rate)
Length of Stay:        3   hours
Maximum#:            7 guests
Season:                  year-round

Note:                    Check with us for availability before you book your time slot


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