Black Bear Wilderness Adventures

Back to Back

Shearing an Alpaca

From the back of an alpaca to a nice woven or knitted shawl on the back of you.

Members of the Northern Fibers Guild met in May to demonstrate the process of creating a garment from raw alpaca fleece.

Demonstrations of carding, spinning, weaving, knitting and felting the fleece into a wearable garment took place at the Lorne Mtn. Community Center.

Swan Haven Celebration of Swans

We offer transportation to this wonderful event!

When:   Saturday May 10 from 3-5pm !

Where: Mount Lorne Community Centre !

Meet:    Whitehorse at the Miner’s Monument on Main Street

Time :   We leave Whitehorse at 2pm and will be back in Whitehorse around 5:30 pm

Rate:    $45.00 + 5% GST (transportation, demonstration is free.)

Book your seat  HERE or ask for more Information: 335-0461